Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rough Week

Sorry it has been a while, but we have had some major stuff going on in La Casa de Eisenberger.

Last week, our furnace decided to kick the bucket for good. This normally wouldn't be a big deal in November in Charlotte, except we have had near record lows, and of course we have three little ones now. We were finally able get someone to come out on Thursday and replace the unit, but we have had issues with it ever since. Up until that point we were living with space heaters and keeping the boys holed up in their room (or going out to warmer places) when it was too unbearable. The same company came out again this morning and it seems to be actually heating the house so hopefully this means that it is fixed for the long haul.

In other sad news, I lost my job on Wednesday. My organization deemed it necessary to make layoffs association wide, and unfortunately, mine was one of the positions our branch chose to eliminate. For a myriad of reasons that I won't delve into, I knew deep down that this was coming, so I was not caught off gaurd when I was asked to meet with our interim executive director and human resources manager. I loved my job and the association I worked for, so this is quite hard for me. I am still stuck somewhere between the denial and anger phases of grief. On the upside, I know there are many, many blessings in this, including more time with my boys, but before everyone starts chiming in with how great it will be to be at home, please hear me when I say: I am not stay at home mother material. Kudos to you moms who are. Also, I have to work, at least a little, to help with the finances. I know I am going to sound like a broken record when I say that we went into major debt over our infertility treatments and adoption. The money we raised earlier this year helped us beyond belief, but we still have mucho debt that we acquired on the road to parenthood.

The highlight of our week though was going to see Iron & Wine in concert in Asheville on Thursday (see above video of them performing "Resurrection Fern" from our show at the Orange Peel and fall in love with Sam Beam if you aren't already a HUGE fan). Troy bought me the tickets for my birthday way back in August. It was a great show and great to be able to get away for a little bit. A great big thanks to our friends Mark and Tara Weathers for watching the boys for us.

Troy and I are looking forward to the week ahead. This is literally the boys first ever Thanksgiving. They are very excited about going to Nana and Pop Pop's for the holiday. They keep asking when we are going to see our family. I may have said this before, but I will say it again, I think they are just so excited to have family. I know we are excited to have them. Thanksgiving is going to be loud and crazy and wonderful! So much to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Say What? Happy 4th Month-iversary!

Can you believe it has been four months? I mean this in two ways...1) we met the boys four months ago today and 2) most of the time it feels much longer than four months.

I took the above picture to show off their new haircuts though I am not sure it really does them justice. We had a barber shop in the kitchen complete with waiting chairs, magazines and treats for not crying too much throughout the haircut. The boys were hilarious and just sat in their chairs, "reading", waiting their turn. Luis Angel was (of course) the only one who cried. Daniel giggled the whole time because the clippers tickled. And Samuel's mane of curls was the biggest challenge, so let's just say that it is a good thing that he is a boy and that his hair grows so fast!

Luis had his post-op appointment with the cardiologist and surgeon on Thursday. He is doing great! His echo and x-ray were all clear, and he is on the fast track to being back to 100%. His fever broke last Tuesday, came back on Friday, but seems to be gone again. He is starting to play a little bit harder, so he must be feeling a little bit better. His scar is really cool!

On Saturday, we (along with our dear friend Hannah) took the boys to see Madagascar 2. It was good to have an extra adult just in case, but the boys ended up being so well behaved. This was their first movie in the movie theater and we had no idea of what to expect. They sat through the whole thing with the twins only needing one potty break each. Daniel even got up and danced to the closing credits. It was so much fun to take them out, buy them popcorn and share this experience with them. It is always hard to predict how they will react, but they seemed to really enjoy going to the movies with us.

And, most importantly, they are LOVING fall. Not so much the general chill in the air, and I doubt they have noticed the leaves are different colors. What they love is that there are leaves on the ground everywhere - and we must collect handfuls every time we leave the house. They love that they know what a pumpkin is, especially that they got to help Papá carve one. And, my personal favorite, they love that they can see their breath when we go out to the car every morning. You should have seen the looks on their faces the first morning it was cold enough to do this, particularly Samuel who really notices things more than the twins. It was beyond priceless. Now I try to get us out the door just a few minutes early so we can just stand outside and breathe. Kids can give you such an amazing perspective on life when you let them!