Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well this is our blog's grand opening. No balloons. No buy one, get one free offers. No giant spot lights that shine into the sky that you can see from miles away...although how cool would that be, right? I know I've always wanted one, I'm sure you have too...

ANYWAYS.....While email and other non-verbal or face-to-face communication may come across as impersonal, we hope all will recognize this as a way to communicate with many while we are in the adoption process.

If that last sentance strikes you as news, then let me say that we are adopting.....


....from Colombia.

The last several years* have been filled with hope and heartache as we have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. We have spent 5 figures towards the best medical options to help assist us in that goal. However, through all of this, we believe we have been led to this point. We also truly believe that this is where we are supposed to be in life, and are excited for the opportunites provided through international adoption.

We have** been filling out paperwork since November of 2006. All of our paperwork*** is on its way to Colombia as this is being typed, and within a few months we will receive word from the Colombian government. We hope and pray that this is an approval. Once approved, we begin the 1-2 year wait until we receive our referral. I'm sure our blog will consist of preparation updates and what great t.v. shows**** we are watching. {So check back often.}

Last week was a week we had been hoping for since November. It turned out to be one filled with immense tradgedy as well. Amidst all of the horrifying, unthinkable evils that occured on the VT campus, where I learned Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Calculus, and underage drinking; my college mentor and the reason I decided to pursue drainge as a career, Dr. Loganathan died. I have already written as much as I care to mention about this:

...but it has been hard. This is a tragedy for everyone—family, friends, alumni, everyone...the whole world mourns in light of this. all the tradgedy of the past week, our paperwork—despite many obstacles that will likely be detailed in future entries—has left Charlotte, made it to our agency (Commonwealth Adoptions International) in Tampa, FL and is on the way to Colombia.

For all the latest information on the process, keep checking back (emails will accompany major updates and if you don't want the updates, just let us know). This is going to be a long process, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Also, feel free to post your comments or ask us questions.

That may be enough for the first entry. Thanks for reading this far. It means alot to us...wherever you are.

Love y'all & Ut Prosim,
-Troy & Andrea


* - 3 and counting
** - "Andrea has"
*** - aka "dossier", you too can learn hip adoption lingo...impress friends, intimdate enemies
**** - 24, LOST, Veronica Mars, Survivor, Heroes, Drive, Ugly Betty, Battlestar Galactica ....