Sunday, September 30, 2007

OK, so we have been a little slow getting the word out, but we received our approval letter last Monday. Hooray! We are now waiting on our children. That has been so mind blowing for us because we have been waiting for so many other things for so long (i.e., waiting to start the next fertility treatment, waiting for our passports, waiting for various pieces of paper).

So, what happens next?

We wait for our official "referral" (or match). We are not really sure of the timeline. Our letter states that we are approved for a sibling group of two children under the age of four. This could take up to 30 months (the same as one infant). Due to recent events in our lives, we have decided to ask to be approved to adopt up to three children under the age of 6.

In July, our agency informed us of a group of 3 siblings (ages 1, 3, and 5). We did all that we could to pursue them, but a few weeks ago, Colombia assigned them to a family whose paperwork was already approved. We were devastated because we did not know that they had been offered to other families. On the bright side, we realized that we definitely want to pursue a sibling group. For one, we will not have the luxury of having one biological child at a time, and we definitely want more than one child. We are also uncertain of how many times we can afford to adopt. More importantly though, there are many orphans across the globe who are overlooked simply because they come as a group.

As always, we will keep you posted as things progress. So check back often.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The air is cooler (except in Charlotte), the leaves are changing (especially since everything has died because of the drought), and someday (probably in February) I will be able to get out my sweaters. But the thing that makes Fall the Esienbergers' favorite season is the return of television!

Survivor: China started last week and we actually had our first Survivor party in Charlotte. We went out for pizza instead of making chili, but it definitely brought back the excitement of "Survivor Night". I was sad to see Chicken go first because the boring people always seem to obtain the upper hand early on and vote out the more interesting folks. It is going to take a couple more episodes before I decide who I would want in the final four. I can tell you though, that the sooner they send Courtney packing the better. Hopefully, I will be able to get Troy to give weekly commentary because his view of the world is really hilarious.

The one show we have been holding our breath for is Heroes. How did Sylar sneak down that manhole without anyone else seeing him? Hopefully they will tell us tonight on the season premeire!

It is a sad, but true statement, that our blog will be far more interesting now that TV has returned. So, if you love TV even half as much as we do, stay tuned! Oh, and when we get adoption info, we will throw that in too!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We found out today that what we were hoping for has fallen through. Sorry to be so vague. Please continue to pray for us. From here on out, we will not be posting anything until something develops. We are in for a long wait.

Andrea and Troy