Monday, June 25, 2007

Congratulations JP Montoya~!

Well, the next entry was supposed to be titled "Why Colombia?" ...which will follow shortly and detail how we came to choose Colombia over Nepal, Russia, and Nebraska as the country we chose to adopt from.

However, I wanted to kick off our semi-regular feature "Famous Colombians" after the results from this past sport weekend.

Juan Pablo (That's JP for most NASCAR fans) Montoya lead his 1st lap EVER in Nascar, and went on to win his first Nascar race ever. JP is one of the top rookies this year, and used his Formula One experience to "nudge" his way past many other drivers to capture his first checkered flag at the road course this weekend. The Eisenberger household still bleeds #20 orange, but we do have a special love for the country where our children will come from. Way to go another title Tony....Matt Kenseth sucks....yeah, enough Nascar chat right? Thanks for checking out our blog.

More info here....

Hooray for Colombia,
Troy and Andrea

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The other Eisenberger, Sylvia, 16 months